Other divisions

Manutec is a broad based manufacturing and distribution Company based in Adelaide, South Australia. Established in 1984, it has 3 specialist divisions with  extensive range of agricultural components, press wheels, trailer parts, caravan parts, marine parts, fertiliser and Garden Products.

Trailer ProductsThe Manutec Trailer Products division supplies a large range of products to Trailer, Caravan and Marine Industry customers. The product range includes Jockey wheels, Adjustable stands & legs, Camper & Off road parts, Marine Parts, Hubs, Studs & Axles, Hitches, U bolts, Wheels, Castors  etc.


Agricultural Products

The Manutec Agriculture division supplies specialised direct drill and zero till components to Farmers, Agricultural Dealers and OEMs. The product range includes Press Wheels assemblies, Couter Assemblies, Disc Openers, Press wheels and components, OEM components, Coulter discs, Gauge & Planter wheels, Hubs, studs and Axles, Industrial Wheels, U bolts etc.

Commercial Fertiliser ProductsManutec supplies various specialised Fertilisers and soil health products to commercial horticulture & commercial customers. The product range include specific NPK soluble and granular Fertilisers, Straight soluble and Granular fertiliser, Sulphate & Chelate based Trace Element Products, Soil Conditioner products such as Gypsum, Blood & Bone, Lime etc.

Aquaculture ProductsManutec also supplies specialised nutrients to Aquaculture industry including nutrients to grow microalage (phyto-plankton). For detailed information on Aquaculture nutrition and products please visit www.microalgaefood.com.au