Deficiency of Trace Elements

Iron Deficiency:

Symptoms: symptoms start on young/fresh growth with yellowing between veins with veins remaining sharp green

Cause : High pH ( alkaline conditions) generally causes deficiencies as Iron is chemically locked up and unavailable for plants to absorb in soils. Acid loving plants are particularly vulnerable when growing in alkaline soils or potting composts.

Zinc Deficiency
:Remedy : Application of Manutec Iron Chelate (EDTA) as a foliar sprays or applied to the soil around the plant roots is recommended. This provides effective results to overcome deficiencies. Maintaining and growing plants in optimum pH conditions helps to avoid severe deficiencies

Symptoms: Yellowing of young leaves, results in small leaves and bunching of young leaves.

Cause : Alkaline conditions (high pH), sandy soils, excessive Phosphorus content in soils.

Remedy : Regular application of Manutec Zinc Sulphate or Manutec Trace Element mixes containing Zinc will provide immediate remedy to overcome Zinc deficiency. In the long term, maintaining optimum pH conditions is important to avoid severe deficiencies.

Copper Deficiency:

Symptoms : death of tips, yellowing and distorted young growth

Cause: Alkaline conditions, sandy soils and sometimes high levels of Iron, Manganese, Zinc or Phosphorus fertilisers without the addition of Copper can cause deficiencies.

Remedy : Regular use of Manutec Trace Element mix containing Copper or Manutec Copper Sulphate will maintain adequate levels of Copper in soils. In addition, maintaining optimum soil pH is important as a long term remedy to enable availability of copper.

Boron Deficiency:

Symptoms : Stunted growth and tip dieback on lettuce, brown cracks in celery; rotten Swedes, turnips and celeriac; dimples in pears with brown patches underneath

Cause : Soil shortages are rare, but this nutrient can be less available to plant roots in alkaline and high rainfall conditions.

Remedy: Application of Manutec Trace Elements mix containing Boron or by applying Manutec Boron (Sodium Borate) to the soil before sowing vegetables or as a foliar spray feed applied to fruit trees.

Molybdenum Deficiency

Symptoms : mottling and cupping of leaves and distortion of stems. Molybdenum deficiency is common in cauliflowers and other brassicas (cabbage and Brussels’ sprouts) particularly when grown in acidic soil pH conditions. Whiptail symptom in cauliflower is a common deficiency.

Cause : Molybdenum is required for a variety of plant growth processes, but is needed only in very small quantities. Soil shortages of Molybdenum are rare, but it can be less available to plant roots in acid conditions.

Remedy: Treat with Manutec Trace Elements mix that contains Molybdenum.  Liming the soil will help in the long term, as making the soil more alkaline will help to make the Molybdenum more available.