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Super phosphate: available in 5kg

Most Australian soils are deficient in Phosphorus. This deficiency needs correction with a concentrated source of phosphorus. Corrections are best made with Super phosphate which is very common and economical source. Phosphorus is essential to all plants, helping in the transfer of energy from sunlight to plants and providing th energy needed for healthy root growth and reproduction. A lack of Phosphorus leads to poor root development, stunted growth and purple discolouring on leaves. Super phosphate is useful when establishing new lawns as it provides soil with a level of phosphorus that can easily be maintained with regular use of Manutec Lawn Food. Super phosphate is also ideal for encouraging healthy root growth in vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, parsnips, etc. Mixing super phosphate with garden lime gives an excellent fertiliser for legumes, e.g. peas, beans, lupins etc.

Super Phosphate 5kgProduct: Super Phosphatesuper -analysis

Product code: MBP5550

Product Bar code: 9312462050174

Pack size: 5kg



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Urea – soluble prills:

Urea is a high Nitrogen soluble fertiliser which can simply be mixed with water for easy application. Urea gives a quick boost of Nitrogen, required by plants with a high proportion of green leaves. Nitrogen stimulates lush green leaf growth in outdoor plants, leaf crop vegetables and lawns. Plants lacking in Nitrogen have stunted growth with pale green or yellow leaves.

Urea 2kg      urea -analysis and directions 

Product: Urea soluble

Product code: MBP0200

Pack size: 2kg

Product Bar code: 9312462020122


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Sulphate of Ammonia-soluble crystals

Manutec Ammonium Sulphate is a quick response fertiliser that is both easy and economical to use. Ammonium Sulphate provides Nitrogen, an essential nutrient for plants with a high proportion of green leaves. Nitrogen stimulates lush green leaf growth in small shrubs, flowering plants, leaf crop, vegetables and lawns. Plants lacking in Nitrogen have a stunted growth with pale green or yellow leaves. Follow the directions on the package and apply accordingly.
Note: Ammonium Sulphate being acidic fertiliser, its constant use may acidify soil. It may be advisable to check soil pH annually.

Sulphate of Ammonia 2.5kg

Product: Sulphate of Ammonia – solubleSOA - analysis directions

Product code: MBP0265

Pack size: 2.5kg

Product Bar code: 9312462015661



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