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Lawn Fertiliser: available in 2.5kg & 8kg bags

Manutec Lawn granular Fertiliser is high in Nitrogen and with all other balanced nutrients including trace elements which promote growth of green and healthy grass.

Note: A lawn that does not respond to fertiliser might have the wrong type of grass for your climate, or it might be suffering from the effects of compacted soil, disease or nutrient imbalance due to alkaline pH. If nutrient imbalance is suspected, have the soil tested for pH. Yellowing of lawn grasses, even when fertiliser is applied regularly, is often a sign of iron deficiency. This deficiency is most likely if your soil has a pH above 6.5. Deficiency can be corrected by applications of Manutec Iron Sulphate or Manutec Iron Chelate.

Lawn 2.5kg                                              Lawn 8kgLawn analysis

Product Name: Lawn Fertiliser                                     Product Name: Lawn Fertiliser

Pack Size: 2.5kg                                                             Pack Size: 8kg

Product Code: MBP0255                                              Product Code: MBP8065

Product Barcode: 9312462025059                               Product Barcode: 9312462080652

Carton Qty: 6 x 2.5kg bags                                            Carton Qty: 2 x 8kg bags

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