For Fruit & Citrus

Fruit & Citrus Fertiliser – available in 2.5kg & 8kg bags

Manutec Fruit & Citrus Fertiliser is a complete balanced formulation that supplies all the essential nutrients and Trace Elements to maintain the vigour and cropping ability of fruit and citrus trees. It assists in the production of green, healthy foliage and large juicy fruits.

  • This standard granular fertiliser is not recommended for Potted Plants. Alternatively for potted plants, use Manutec Fruit & Citrus Special (4kg) or Slow release Fruit & Flower (1kg) or soluble Fruit & Citrus food (500g)

Fruit & Citrus 2.5kg                                                            Fruit & Citrus 8kgFC analysis

Product Name: Fruit & Citrus Fertiliser                         Product Name: Fruit & Citrus Fertiliser

Pack Size: 2.5kg                                                             Pack Size: 8kg

Product Code: MBP0252                                               Product Code: MBP8025

Product Barcode: 9312462025028                                Product Barcode: 9312462080256

Carton Qty: 6 x 2.5kg bags                                             Carton Qty: 2 x 8kg bags

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Fruit & Citrus Special Fertiliser – available in 4kg bags

Manutec Fruit & Citrus Special is a complete fertiliser, supplying all the essential nutrients and an increased level of the Trace Elements that maintain the vigour and cropping ability of Fruit & Citrus trees. This is a chloride free, high analysis fertiliser formulated using quality sulphate
based materials.

Caution: Avoid using on newly planted seedlings in soils and pots. We recommend using Manutec Fruit & Citrus Soluble Food or Manutec Planting Tablets for Fruit & Citrus when planting and until they are established. Once the plants are established in the pots, you can use these Fruit & Citrus Special granules.

Fruit & Citrus Spe 4kg

Product Name: Fruit & Citrus Fertiliser  FC SPL analysis

Pack Size: 2.5kg

Product Code: MBP0252

Product Barcode: 9312462025028

Carton Qty: 6 x 2.5kg bags


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