For General Garden & Vegetables

Garden Complete Fertiliser – available in 2.5kg & 8kg bags

Manutec Garden Complete Granular Fertiliser is an all purpose formulation with balanced nutrition to suit requirements of all garden plants in general and encourage healthy growth throughout the GC analysisyear.

Garden Complete 2.5kg                                                                                       Garden Complete 8kg

Product Name: Garden Complete Fertiliser                                                 Product Name: Garden Complete Fertiliser

Product Code: MBP0250                                                                              Product Code: MBP8055

Pack Size: 2.5kg                                                                                             Pack Size: 8kg

Product Bar Code: 9312462025202                                                             Product Bar Code: 9312462080553

Carton Qty: 6 x 2.5kg bags                                                                           Carton Qty: 2 x 8kg bags

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Garden &  Veg Special – available in 4kg bags 

Manutec Garden & Vegetable Special is a high analysis, chloride free granular fertiliser which will provide quality nutrition to all garden plants and vegetables healthy growth, flowering and fruiting. Added soil wetter granules will help to increase water retention in soil and minimise water and nutrient loss.

Product: Garden & Veg SpecialGarden and Veg Spe 4kg

Product Code: MBP0853                                                                     download button

Pack Size: 4kg                                                                                       fact sheet button

Product Bar Code:                                                                                     msds button

Carton Qty: 4 X 4kg bags

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