Home Page BannerWelcome to granularfertilisers.com.au.  For a lush green growth & healthy garden, it is important to keep the soil (growing medium) healthy and regularly supplement with adequate quality nutrients. If a plant doesn’t look healthy and observe a few symptoms such as poor growth, yellowing, poor flowering & fruiting, curly and small leaves, hard & cracked soils, water logging etc., can be result of either poor soil health or poor nutrition or combination of both.

Fertilisers (either organic or inorganic) are plant food containing nutrients , not just chemicals, so feed your plants timely & adequately to grow them healthy; don’t make them to starve when plants express hunger symptoms. Depending on the circumstances you are growing choose the best form and type of fertiliser that suits your application method/convenience which minimises wastage and also effectively available to plants. Fertilisers are available in number of forms; granular, soluble powders, Liquids, Tablets, pellets etc. depending on purpose and convenience of usage. Granular Fertilisers are easy to apply and provide gradual nutrient release, where as soluble powders and liquids provide quick response upon application. On this website, we have discussed in detail about plant nutrients, their roles, deficiency symptoms and along with Manutec granular range fertiliser products and their application.

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